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About Us

Our online community is brand new for 2021 and completely free to join. Open access to the community will be closing soon so please sign up to ensure you continue to gain access to our content and updates. 

We created The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach to bring together people ready for something new from the world of wellness. 

The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach is an inclusive wellness community promoting simple, realistic and achievable methods to improve your physical and mental wellness with support from a friendly, welcoming community.

We are a family run organisation who understand the challenges of juggling a busy life with making positive changes to support your wellbeing and physical and mental health. Our founder has lived experience of overcoming complex trauma and ME/CFS and is now enjoying good health in addition to a busy family life and career. 

Our community is here to support you; whether that is simply exploring new ideas, helping you to identify where you want to be, how you're going to achieve your wellness goals or encouraging you and supporting you on your journey.

There are strictly no fad diets, diet pills or extreme regimes promoted within our community. We promote healthy, achievable methods mixed with encouragement to enjoy the things you love in life.

Why You Should Join Us

Here's a really quick guide to some of the key areas to our community network site:

  • Discovery: This is my favourite landing page as you can easily see top posts and topics at a glance!
  • Topics: Here you can find access to topic areas where you can learn more about the subjects that really matter to you such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation, mental wellness, overcoming fatigue conditions and lots more! You can read posts and articles but most importantly you can share ideas and connect with others (if you want to!). If you think we need to add new topics we'd love to hear your ideas.
  • Events: Here you can find information about any free live events that are running. This could be anything from a free live lunchtime meditation to a Q&A session around subjects such as yoga, mental health or anything else we share in our community. 
  • Interests: You can specify certain interests that you have within the community to focus your activity in these areas.
  • Courses & Workshops: This is the section where you will find information about workshops, online courses and also where you will get access to monthly subscriptions as they launch for pre-recorded yoga, mindfulness, meditation and guided relaxation sessions.
  • Our Website: This is simply a link back to our main website where you can find out about the other services we offer including one to one coaching. You will also find the links to book onto our live yoga classes held every week. 
  • Chat: This is the general chat for the whole community that crosses over all of the topic areas that we share in this space.
  • Notifications: You can decide how many notifications you receive and about what. To change your settings go to your profile photo in the top right hand corner, select settings then notifications and choose your preferred options.

Don't forget to sign up to make sure you get access to all of our content, including free events. 

If you need any support please just get in touch by emailing

Welcome to our community! 

A Big Thanks

To everyone that has supported the development of The Wellbeing and Wellness Coach so far. We are really excited about developing this community with you all! 

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